COMPANY MISSION...                                                                    

"The mission of Iso-Quality Testing, Inc. (IQT) is to provide secure, user-friendly, high quality, reasonably-priced computerized examination delivery services to credentialing bodies, and the candidates which they examine, at available secure and monitored locations around the world."


We are fully committed to providing comprehensive and cost-effective computer-based testing solutions to credentialing bodies, and competent consultation services on matters pertaining to the administration of examinations via computer. The term ‘Iso-’ refers to “optimal solutions,” and reflects our core philosophy of providing optimal and high-quality solutions to our clients.


We are fully committed, in the area of test administration services, to provided:
  • a straightforward and timely administrative process for registering, paying and scheduling the examination;
  • secure and standardized testing conditions; and
  • pleasant and knowledgeable customer service from the interaction with any Iso-Quality representative
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