Program Objective and Description

This program prepares US and foreign professionals to become certified teachers in Florida by successfully completing the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE).

Our program provides the necessary knowledge, experience, and practical understanding required for the six FTCE examinations required by the Florida Department of Education. The official evaluation and translation of diplomas and grades required to become a Florida Certified Teacher are included in the program.

All materials, books, eligibility application, and six (6) separate examinations are included in tuition cost. MRDCENTER personnel manage all student evaluations, applications and enrollments for the exams with the Florida Department of Education. The Florida Department of Education may require certain students to take additional semester hours in education courses in order to obtain the Professional Certificate. Those credit hours are not included with this program. Students that have already applied to become Florida Teacher and/or have already passed examinations will enroll only in the portion of the program that applies to them. Students may also enroll in one of these courses as continuing education program. MRDCENTER encourages program applicants and students of this program to periodically visit the Florida

Department of Education website for updated program information on the Florida Teacher Certification Examination requirements and examination process, since these rules are subject to change. The direct link to this site is



Course Title              

General Knowledge Language Review
General Knowledge Reading Essay Review
General Knowledge Math Review
Professional Education Review
Subject Area Review

Job opportunities

Demand for professionals with Teachers skills will continue to grow as technology evolves. From 2016 to 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a faster-than-average growth rate of 1.63% for Vocational Education Teachers Postsecondary, and Mean Wage of $23.62/hour and Entry Wage of $15.07/hour


Our Florida Teacher Certification training tuition is affordable and flexible so you get to decide on a payment option that works for you. Are you ready to launch your career as a FTCE? Get started immediately and you could graduate in as few as six months

Payment options

Our online programs are flexible and so are our payment options. Choose the one that works best for you.

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