We are an organization with love in teaching and sharing. Everyday, we stand in our classrooms with a relentless sense of optimism. We care in what we say and what you get. 



MRDCENTER, offers a wide variety of tests, including undergraduate placement, college entrance, certification, and make-up/course exams. Disability accommodations are available.



Learning assessments can shine a spotlight on learning gaps and help inform teacher actions. In this course, MRDCENTER explores how to assess learning using the Moodle platform. 

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We are a organization with love in teaching and sharing. Everyday, we stand in our classrooms with a relentless sense of optimism. We care in what we say and what you get. We believe that through education we can move individuals and society to a more promising future. 

Knowing that instructors are the most important part of the education equation, the partners in our network depend on us to select only the best, brightest, and most motivated candidates for our program. We feel that great teaching, like great painting, is an art. Very few people possess the rare and almost magical mix of talents required to master the art of education. If you have the patience, the creativity, the compassion, and the desire to truly involve and inspire our students, we invite you to apply for a teaching position with MRDCENTER

How important is certification and credentialing to you and what do you think it would it do for the field. Thank you for investing your time,Welcome to MRDCENTER

Providing easy access to useful information and experience is not negotiable, either within the walls of your organization or beyond. Therefore, it is time to make sure that your employees can access useful, up-to-date and quality training. Join the MRDCENTER information network


Established in 2008, MRDCENTER is a privately owned Training and Education Company in Miami, FL. Whether you are looking to obtain a license or certification, complete continuing education, or provide training to your staff.

MRDCENTER is there for you every step of the way. We believe in producing and delivering high-quality training products, and backing them with fantastic customer service because our goal is your success. 

Our goal is to convey practical job skills and career development for our clients and students.


MRDCENTER training courses are available face to face, in a live classroom setting as an in-house program, in the convenience of your place of business, or on-line – as a live webinar or a self-study program. 

We strive to provide relevant courses in a practical and flexible learning environment through an ongoing commitment to quality service, integrity, instruction, and client satisfaction. As part of each practical course, students perform up to 75% of the tasks in the laboratories supervised by highly talented and experienced instructors.

We provide consulting to accelerate growth and results and training to build in-Learning Management System used MOODLE


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